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Mark and Nancy on the summit of Colorado's  

Mt. Sneffels.

Mark installing his beautiful custom made gates! 



Mark Leonardo Giovanni  began his career in  residential home design and discovered early on his passion for design. Mark understands the deep and almost primal need to surround oneself with beautiful objects, colors and forms. He understands the need to reflect Who You Are in Your life-spaces.  

Mark's inner drive to create in many arena's is evident in his body of work.  

Mark has a BA in Psychology from Seattle University with studies in art and music.  Mark has traveled extensively throughout Europe studying the great masters of art and sculpture  and  Europes greatest architectural achievements  including Antoni Gaude's great Sagrada Familia to Fillippo Brunelleschi's soaring Cathedral of Santa Maria de Fiore to the finest paintings at The Louve in Paris, as well as hundreds of other classic jems throughout all of Europe.

Nancy  Giovanni comes from a professional background as a physical therapist and sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry. The combination of her sales and PT experience brings top marketing credentials along with the women's touch to Giovanni designs.  Nancy has a BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University  and an MS in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado .






We would be happy to send you more information about us, ie. Cirriculum Vitae, References, Gallery showing, etc. Just either email us at or gives us a call at 719-510-8775 .


Our Studio/ Gallery is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado however we do work all over the United States. 

Copyrighted 2014  All rights reserved 

by Mark L.Giovanni for Giovanni Designs LLC

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